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Assam Cattle Preservation Bill 2021


 Assam Cow Protection Bill


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has tabled another bill on the 1st day of the Budget Session of Assam Legislative Assembly with a plan to secure and safeguard dairy cattle. The bill limits the sale and purchase of beef or beef products "inside a radius of 5 km" of any Hindu Temple or sattra (Vaishnavite cloisters) in the state. The proposal has been made remembering regions "dominatingly occupied by Hindu, Jain, Sikh and other non-meat eating  communities."

Assam Cattle Preservation Bill 2021


The Bill, that may brought exceptions for butcher which is guaranteed by a veterinary official approved for this sake by the state government in light of a legitimate concern for general wellbeing. Butcher of steers experiencing serious, irresistible, infectious illness or is a threat to other steers has been allowed yet with due authorization from the approved veterinary official.

Main Objective of Assam Cattle Preservation Bill :

No one Can't directly or indirectly sell or buy beef or beef products in any form except at places permitted to do so by the competent authority. 

Assam's proposed law additionally doesn't recognize distinctive cattle types — it will apply to all cows that incorporates "bulls, bullocks, cows, calf, calves, male and female wild ox and bison calves." For motivations behind the counter butcher Act, both Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh incorporate just cow offspring, yet not wild oxen. 

According to 1950 Act, cattle slaughter is allowed only for cattle “over 14 years of age” or those “unfit for work” in Assam subject to a “fit-for-slaughter certificate” which will be issued by a local veterinary officer after examination. Under the new law, the same approval certificate for all cattle is required.

No certificate will be issued unless the Veterinary Officer is of the claim that the cattle, not being a cow, is over fourteen years of age; or the cattle, not being a cow, heifer or calf, has become permanently incapacitated from work or breeding due to accidental injury or deformity.

Section 7 of the Bill, Prohibition on transport of cattle, expresses that without a legitimate license, transport of cows is prohibited from Assam to states where butcher of cows isn't directed by law, and starting with one state then onto the next "through" Assam. It additionally adds that dairy cattle can't be moved inside the state (between area), without records.

 The proposed law likewise gives cops (not below  the position of sub-reviewer), or some other individual approved by the government, the ability to "enter and examine any premises" inside their locale where he has "motivation to accept that an offense under the Act has been or alternately is probably going to be submitted." In the 1950 Act, this force was offered distinctly to the Veterinary Officer and Certifying Officer, delegated by the public authority.

Anyway no permission is required for transport cattle for grazing or other agricultural or animal husbandry purposes, as well as to and from registered animal markets, within a district.


If some one found guilty, will be send to jailed for a period of minimum three years (extendable up to 8 years) and fined Rs 3 lakh (with the upper limit Rs 5 lakh), or both. With repeat offenders, the punishment will be doubled.

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